My Favorite Games: 3 and 2!

Welcome back to my countdown of favourite games i’ve ever played. Hope you all enjoyed 5 and 4 so without further ado here 3 an 2!


  1. Uncharted 2: Amongst Thieves


When it comes to action/adventure games there is simply no beating the Uncharted Series. Captivating story telling meets high octane exciting set pieces and adrenaline filled gameplay. For me the second instalment – Amongst Thieves – is the pick of the series (so far, by all accounts Thieves Downfall looks incredible). The story had me gripped from the word go, and the set pieces where filled with more action that your average Hollywood blockbuster. The game starts with the infamous train scene and from that moment I found it near impossible to turn the game off. The first 2 days of owning Uncharted 2 I didn’t sleep. All I could think about was seeing what happened to Nate and co, next. This game really was a pinnacle in video game storytelling and for that it finds itself at number 3 on my list.


  1. Star Wars: The Old Republic


 I know. When It comes to MMORPGs then SWTOR is not everybody’s first choice. Or even a any choice at all, but this Star Wars MMO was the only MMO to grip me and have me hooked. The chance to play as a Jedi always grabs my attention but to play as “myself” in the star wars universe was exciting.  Add in the matter on literally thousands of other players on multiple planets and the game just became enthralling to me. Starting as a padawan on the Jedi home planet of Tython, levelling up and learning new abilities and force tricks felt as real as its ever going to get. The moment when I finally gained my own ‘sabre I was literally I awe. With every part of this game took hours out of my life. I was simply just engrossed in the Star Wars Universe. Whether it was tracking down the perfect crystal for said sabre, finding the most bad ass Jedi cloak or battling the Sith in flashpoints, I would be a the PC for hours at a time. This isn’t a game that many if any will put as one of their favourites ever, however my top 5 wouldn’t be complete without it!

What do you think of my number 3 and 2? Agreed? Disagree? Leave us a reply below and ill make sure to read them all.

Come back tomorrow to read number 1! And be sure to follow me on twitter @Benji_Siddall.


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