Why I Game!!!


Throughout my 25 years and 5 months on this planet I have played video games or “gamed” constantly since I was 4. My older brother got the infamous Sega Megadrive 2 for his birthday and as a result his MasterSystem and 34 game collection made their way to me. The only games a can remember playing were Disney’s Aladdin and Earthworm Jim, purely as the other 32 were deemed to“grown up” for a 4 year old by my dad. (Although I was allowed to sit and watch him play Doom on the PC for hours on ends.). Since then I’ve ploughed my way through 10 Consoles , 100’s of games and more controls than I can find time to count ( I had a tendency to throw them).

During the past 21 years people of always asked me questions about gaming. Ranging from what games they should be playing, all the way to if it’s about time I did something useful with my time(including the gem that is“Aren’t you too old to still be playing games?”). But this week I was asked something for the first time and it took me a few minutes to answer it. ..Why?Why do I play video games? It through me off slightly as at first I couldn’t answer fully. Yes it’s a platform that lets the player escape into a world where near anything is possible and provides us with an escape from our own day to day lives, but I can’t honestly say this is the reason that I game. This is more of a product of gaming so much.

It took me a few awkward minutes of silence in the conversation before I had my answer. Gaming is what I’ve grown up with! As I Said I’ve been playing video games for 21 years, back then everything amazed me, from the bright attention grabbing graphics all the way to the fact that I Was making things on the screen move (hey I was 4!). Since then video games have come a very very long way, there are numerous aspects to a game that grabs our attention and refused to let go. The bright attention grabbing graphics have been steadily joined by immersive storylines, relatable characters,expansive worlds and adrenaline driven gameplay. Gaming as a whole has grown up and as a gamer I have grown up alongside it.

Why do I game? I game because I have grown up with it.Experiencing every up and down the industry has thrown my way. And I will be gaming for a long time to come.


(PS. No I will never be too old to play video games J )


What about you guys? Why do you game? Leave us a comment andbe sure to follow me on twitter at @Benji_siddall


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