My Favorite Game Ever!

Hi, welcome back to my countdown of my personal favorite games ever.Sorry about the delay buy with further delay, heres number 1!!!

  1. Grand Theft Auto V


Quite simply this is the best game I have ever played! Nothing even comes close to it. Grand Theft Auto V has everything any gaming fan needs. Captivating story, check. Complete and exciting mechanics, check. Deep and well written characters, check. An expansive and ever growing online mode, check (more on that in a bit). I spent years waiting for this game, anticipation growing with every leak, trailer or reveal. And when it finally launched all of my wildest GTA related dreams came true.

First off the story mode in n GTA V to me is both immersive and extremely entertaining. The new heists feature added to the classic mix of insane driving and action missions took the series to another level. In addition Rockstar, gave us not one but three, main playable characters. Three amazing characters. Trevor, Michael and Franklin to me where the best playable characters in the series (especially Trevor).  Each one brought a unique skill set that made the game completely different and yet meshed perfectly with each other. Granted the story could have been a bit longer but that’s just nit picking.

GTA V makes my number 1 for basically one reason. Yes the story mode was great but for me personally, GTA Online completely changes the game. An online mode that basically lets you do anything you want. This mode allows us to fulfil a childish dream of playing GTA as ourselves. Teaming up with friends adds even more fun and carnage to the game and keeps me playing daily to this day!

Famitsu gave GTA V only the 2nd ever 40 out of 40 for a western released…what more can you say!


Thanks for reading guys, please leave any comments in the comments section and be sure to look out for future additions!!!!


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