My Top 5 Moments from Wrestlemania 32!!!


We are literally hours removed from the biggest show in sports entertainment, and while it’s still fresh in our minds here my top 5 moments from the Showcase of the Immortals:

5.Ryder wins the Intercontinental Championship

Be honest, you had forgotten Ryder was in this match hadn’t you? I know I had. I’ve never been a huge fan of Ryder but when he pushed The Miz off the top of the ladder I couldn’t help but pop for the guy. Wrestlemania has always been about surprising me and giving me something new to get me excited with.Ryders win was all of this. Literally nobody thought he’d win this match and his win opens up a world of new stories, feuds and matches for him!

4.Corbin eliminates Kane to win the Andre Battle Royal

This match was everything the Andre Battle Royal should have been over the last 3 years. A mix of passed stars, current mid card guys and the future generation. Aside from Shaq, DDP and Tatanka, the match itself could easily fall into the “generic battle royal” description but using it to introduce and put over Corbin was pure genius. Eliminating Kane last was a brilliant call that I think gives him a great platform to push on from. Baron Corbin, welcome to the main roster.

3.The Divas Woman’s Championship match

Quite simply put. Match.Of.The.Night. This was the pinnacle of women’s wrestling today. Maybe ever. The match was a delightful display of storytelling, excitement and well executed spots. The WWE universe (sigh) hasn’t seen a Moonsalt that picture perfect since Kurt Angle, and Sasha nearly snapped herself in half with that suicide senton. The WWE know they’ve struck gold with these three and last night it started to show why. The entrances, the new Woman’s championship, the pyro for Charlotte after she won, it all screamed of main event! The only reason this isn’t higher in my list is the ending to the match. I’m 100% behind Charlotte winning but Ric Flair helping every match is getting old now. Each time he does it I feel as if it takes a bit more away from Charlotte’s performances.

Also huge props to Sasha for the Eddie Guerrero inspired tights and boots. Amazing tribute!

2.Jericho kicks out after The Styles Clash

This is a purely personal choice. I’m a huge fan of Styles. I’ve followed his career for years and when he came to WWE I immediately wanted this ‘mania match. So when it was announced I was already popping for the match. Couldn’t wait for Styles to hit The Clash and seal his arrival on the grandest stage of them all. So when Jericho kicked out I was, for the first time in a long time speechless. I’ve seen a couple people say that this made the Clash look weaker and not as impactful but I disagree. I think it added to the story of the match and the like for like, hold for hold, comparison between AJ and Y2J. Two of the greats of this sport we all love.

The Close Call List (the moments that came close to the list but didnt make it):

  • What I’m personally referring to as the “Piggy Back Driver” from Undertaker to Shane
  • The Phenomenal Forearm into the Codebreaker
  • Roman spears HHH through the barricade (yeah it’s an overused spot but did the job)
  • Steph was hot as hell (she looked slightly Chyna-esque but hot none the less)


1.Shane jumps off the Cell through the announce table.

I think this one was obvious. It was the spot we all thought we might see but were unsure if Shane O’Mac could still pull it off. Well he did and it was – in my opinion- the spot of the night. You have to give the man the credit he is due. He jumped off the cell, 20+ feet in the air, through the frigging announce table. Yes when you watch it back you can see the cushioning under the table but what does it matter! It was a moment that defined the spirit and magnitude of what Wrestlemania represents and portrays each year. When he jumped it was one of them moments in WWE where time stops and the whole Universe holds their breathe. It also lead into the best line ive heard Michael Cole say in a long long time –“For the love of MANKIND , Shane just jumped of the Cell”. Pure commentary genius.  The best moment in the entire show, and in recent WWE memory.


Thats my list of the top moments at Wrestlemania 32. What did you think? Agree? Disagree? Miss any out? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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Thanks for reading.



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