The Problem with NXT



There is no denying the sheer rise to stardom of WWE NXT. The “development” show, presided over by HHH has become most fans highlight of the wrestling week. Mixing a classic blend of quality in ring performances with relatable characters and easy to follow, believable storylines. This rise to prominence was clear to see this last weekend as NXT Takeover Dallas was – in my opinion- the best Takeover yet. But while I am one of the fans that adore NXT and its talent, on and off the screen. I can’t help but feel that the rise of NXT does create some issues that WWE need to think about.

The first problem that comes to mind is the unavoidable comparison to the main roster. In the lead up to Wrestlemania a number of people I spoke to had said the same thing. “Forget Mania, Get ready for Takeover Dallas”. While this is great for NXT, it adds an extra layer of pressure to the main roster to perform and make Wrestlemania the show of the year it ‘supposed to be. The pressure was already mounted high of everyone involved due to the injury list growing seemingly by the week so having to follow  an A+ show (which included the match of the year so far) was something that the main roster crew could’ve done without.

The other issue WWE has is transitioning the talent to WWE. Don’t get me wrong the whole point of NXT is to get the stars ready for the main roster and to build the stars in popularity, and for some stars its worked well…very well. Every member of the shield was in NXT and now all 3 are main event stars. But for every Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins there’s other talent that couldn’t make the transition to the main roster as successfully. People such as The Ascension, they were a huge heel tag team in NXT. Dominating the Tag Division. When the lights cut out and Viktor and Konnor looked down to the ring, whoever was in there, knew they were in for a battle. Yet when they came to the main roster, they seem little more than a comedy act. This happened with more than a couple of stars, yes I know not every talent will be main event but it’s more a case of things that work in NXT not working on a bigger stage. Someone can be over as hell in NXT yet when they debut on Raw/Smackdown, people who don’t watch NXT will know about they’re back story or why they have certain traits. Don’t forget not everyone has the network so not everyone watches NXT.

For the record I do love NXT. It’s One of my wrestling highlights each week. With the signings of some of the best talent in the world (NAKA-fecking-MURA) it is must watch wrestling TV for any wrestling fan. My main fear is that with the brand growing and putting on the best PPVS on the network, and the inability to transfer the over-ness from the NXT crowd to the main roster, NXT could be doing as much hurt to WWE as good.

Thanks for reading. What do you think about NXT  and NXT in relation to the main WWE. Leave us a comment and let us know.

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