Mauro Ranallo : The Saviour of the Announce Table


Many aspects go into the production of the WWE shows. Aside from the talent, there are and endless number of roles and jobs ranging from camera crew, to ring crew, to the production and editing staff. Of these jobs I think one of the more important roles is that of the announce team. It’s the job of the three men at the table to convey to the TV Audience the sense of  energy, excitement and at times the drama, of the action in the ring.

Throughout wrestling history the announcers have been key to some of the biggest moments inside the squared circle. Imagine Jeff Hardy reaching for the Tittle on Raw without JR screaming “Make Yourself Famous Kid” or when Mankind got chokeslammed through the cell by Undertaker without “Will somebody stop them damn Match” or every single Stone Cold entrance without “STONE COLD STONE COLD”. These calls all came from one man. Jim Ross. He was the last great wrestling announcer who worked for the WWE and since his departure from the announce table the commentary has been lacklustre at best. The team we have on Raw these days is the most boring and mundane in recent memory. Michael Cole is the definition of boring(not trying to take anything away from him, he’s been a great servant for the WWE but the last 5 years have been dyer), JBL’s style is to simply shout at Byron Saxton for 3 hours and Byron himself is as bland a commentator as he was a wrestler, if that is even possible. The whole situation with the Raw announce team, is even worse when you look at other announcers in the company that are head a shoulders above the Raw team.

First and foremost is Mauro Ranallo. Having watched him on Smackdown and on the PPV pre –shows, all I can say is he has to be moved to Raw as soon as possible. His unique style and sound is refreshing and adds a JR-esque feel to the action. He’s also the first announcer in a long time to be, what I would call “classic play-by-play”. A lot of the announcers from recent years spend more time speculating on motives, or recapping previous weeks or advertising Mountain Dew. Ranallo does some of that but most of his commentary is about what is going on in the ring in front of him, actually commentating on the match!

Ranallo also has an amazing resume from his previous employment. He has a wealth of previous wresting announcing experience from his time with Stampede Wrestling. But not least important is his work for MMA. He has become a known voice in the MMA circles and developed a sizeable fan base. Making him the new “voice of the WWE” would bring in a stream of loyal Ranallo fans to the WWE product, and Mauro has the ability to make fans stick around.

In short he’s a guy who has his own style, knows what’s going on in the ring and can make the most average of matches seem like the main event of the show. Pair him up with a confident colour commentator such as Corey Graves and I think you’ve found the man to be the voice of WWE for the future.

WWE , make it happen!!!!


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