Bray F’N Wyatt!!


Over the past couple of years there is no denying that Bray and co has had some major moments in WWE. The extremely creepy and effective feud with John Cena comes to mind. But after a couple years of every single feud/story starting the same way, some fans – me included- have begun to get bored with the Eater of Worlds. There was a time when the lights cut out and the ever eerie image of Eric Rowan’s goat mask flashing up made every fan around the world excited. Why was he here and who would be foolish enough to stand in his way? But recently when Rowan flashes in screen fans are filled with a sigh of “here we go again”.

This made me cringe for Bray, He is great in the ring, His matches tell a story every time no matter whom he is facing, and there has been no one in recent times that can hold a candle to him when it comes to his work on the mic. Yeah sometimes his promos are a bit out there but he manages to capture the attention of everyone watching. It would seem at this point that Bray was set to be another victim of WWE’s creative and there poor booking. Need any proof of this? 12 months ago Bray squared off with The Undertaker after some of the best promos I’ve ever seen. Week after week he called for an unknown adversary to “find him” at Wrestlemania. Then at ‘mania The Deadman “found him” and the match was pretty good. Cut forward to ‘mania 32 and Wyatt is in a segment getting his ass handed to him by The Rock and Cena.

Monday the 11th of April 2016.Monday night Raw The best night of Bray’s career so far.

Roman Reigns is cutting another bland and repetitive promo and out comes the League of Nations for some unknown reason. That reason was clear only minutes later when the lights cut out and the usual over used clip played. When the lights came back on the familiar 3 figures were standing opposite the League. While this wasn’t anything new what came next was – for me- amazing. The Wyatt’s attacked the league as they had done to so many others but this time Roman Reigns fought alongside them. This was the groundwork laid for the main event. Shane O’Mac would announce that Wyatt and Roman would team to face the League of Nations that night. And what a main event we would be treated to. In a ring consisting of Wyatt, Reigns, Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio, it wasn’t going to be hard to get over but I don’t think anyone thought Wyatt would get the reaction from the 16k fans in attendance that he did. Every tag Bray made, every big signature move and every taunt made the crowd erupt into cheers. I’m sat on my sofa thinking maybe WWE are ready for us to Love Bray Wyatt. The whole booking of the match pointed to it. And when Strowman and Rowan came out to take out Rusev this all but confirmed it for me. They even gave Wyatt the pinfall to seal the match.

After watching Raw last night and seeing the use of Bray Wyatt got me excited for him for the first time in a long while. Using him as a bad ass baby face is new and gives him another dimension as character in WWE, and opens up a whole plethora of matches for the group he commands. Personally I want to see him opposite Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. He and Paul Heyman going back and forth on the mic would only be matched by Wyatt and Lesnar in the ring. It was teased at the Royal Rumble and should have happened at Wrestlemania but for some reason it didn’t. Let’s just hope this face turn is the precursor to some new and exciting times for the Wyatt Family!!

What do you guys think of the Face Turn? Will it last? Will it work? Let me know in the comments and give us a like.

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