Superkick and Superkick and Superkick and Sigh.



Growing up as wrestling fans we all have that one move that we all waited to see week after week.  Some people waited on the edge of their seat for The Rock to hook an opponent for the Rock Bottom; others prefer Undertaker grabbing his victim for the chokeslam, and others (most fans) love the instant impact of the Stone Cold Stunner. Some people even get excited for an AA or a Superman Punch (For the record I don’t mind Roman Reigns he’s just not ready to be THE man yet). For me it’s the one and only Sweet Chin Music. Whether it’s after HBK has tuned up the band or a quick fire, desperation finishers the SCM will forever be my favourite finisher.

It started back at Summerslam 2002. A 12 year old Ben sat down to watch HBK vs HHH in an unsanctioned street fight. Just happened to be my first PPV I stayed up to watch. It was Shawn’s first match back in the WWE and the match was an instant epic. But that moment when Shawn hit the Sweet Chin had me jump up with instant joy at the move. Yes it didn’t end the match at that point but when he drops Hunter with the Sweet Chin it was pure magic and signalled his return to the company. This night sparked my love of the Sweet Chin Music and when I look back on some of my favourite moments in WWE the Sweet Chin features a lot of the time. The Sweet Chin on Shelton Benjamin as he springboards off the ropes on Raw. The 2 Wrestlemania main events against The Undertaker. Or when HBK says the infamous “I love you” before he hits Ric Flair with the Sweet Chin, all feature in my favourite moments and all include my favourite finisher.

Which is why when I look at today’s a product, I’m actually angry at how many different people use the Superkick or some variation of it. Just looking at the WWE we have Jimmy, Jey, Kevin Owens,Dolph Ziggler,Rusev,Luke Harper, Tyler Breeze just to mention a few. For me it has completely and utterly deteriorated the impact and spectacle of the move. Back when HBK was using the Sweet Chin it was the pinnacle of his assault. No matter what he did we all sat and waited for him to head to the corner and tune up the band. Now there’s every chance that we can watch an episode of Raw and see 4 or 5 different Superkicks and none of which will even finish the match! It’s a simple matter of just because you can pull off the move doesn’t mean you should do! The only variation of the Superkick I like in the current product is Seth Rollins using the Avada Kedavra (and not just because I’m a bit of a Harry Potter geek).

Maybe my love of Shawn Michaels has made it impossible for me to see someone else do the Superkick, but I can’t get over how many people use the move in today’s product. It makes me think that the list of people mentioned above are unable to think of something new and innovative for us to see in their arsenal. But when I look at the list, people such as Kevin Owens and Dolph are some of the best innovators we’ve ever seen. This in turn makes me think it’s just laziness on the part of the talent.

Whatever the reason, my once beloved Sweet Chin Music will never be seen in the same way again. Gone are the days of HBK and the ever so tuneful band. Gone are the days of the Superkick being a deadly weapon. It’s a shame really. It really was a great finisher. Simple, yet great!

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