Booking The Bullet Club (Part 1)


Monday night we saw the surprise debut of 2 men we all knew where on the way. Doc Gallows and “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson stormed the ring from the crowd and laid waste to Jimmy and Jey Uso after the Usos had won their first round match in the Tag Team tournament. Immediately I jumped out my seat as these guys looked like they mean business, and of all the debuts this last week, this one was for me the best. After decimating the Usos, they quickly backed off through the crowd and we were all left questioning their motives and why the Usos?  I’ve seen people say that attacking the Usos is a precursor to former Bullet Club member AJ Styles winning the belt of Roman but I can’t see an AJ heel turn being anything other than counterproductive.

So with that being said, here’s how I would book Gallows and Anderson going forward:

So we’re going to start on next week’s Raw (18/04/20016). Half way through the show we’ll have a random midcard match. It’s going to be Dolph Ziggler vs Stardust. After a few minutes two bald heads can be seen running towards the ring. Gallows and Anderson rush the ring and take out both men in the match. Gallows throws Stardust clean over the ropes, landing flat on the floor. Anderson hits a huge clothesline on Dolph, then both men pick him up and finish him off with a Magic Killer. After taunting the crowd Gallows grabs a mic and says “Take notice. Everyone in the back. Everyone in the crowd. Take notice of what happens when we decide to get into the ring. We hurt who we want, when we want!” And leave through the crowd.

The next week on RAW. Michael Cole opens the show at the announce table and announces that tonight will see the official contract signing for the WWE World Championship match between AJ Styles and Roman Reigns. During the segment Reigns says that AJ has been around the world. He’s been in every major company and has held the top belt in every company. But He can’t and he won’t here in WWE. During the promo Roman talks down to AJ taking him lightly and being a bit disrespectful. Not fully heel but a definite air of heelness. AJ responds saying he lost at Wrestlemania and is determined not to repeat that at Payback. So on Sunday say goodbye to the title cause Styles always finds a way. AJ signs , the leaves the ring and heads to the back. Roman stares into the back of AJ’s head as Styles leaves , then signs the contract. As he does Doc and Anderson come through the crowd again and roll into the ring but don’t attack him. They just stare him down to end Raw.

So that brings us to WWE Payback and the World Championship match. It’s the main event. AJ comes out to an amazing pop and as usual Roman is booed. The two need to put on a near perfect match. It probably won’t be match of the night as if they have any sense, creative will book Zayn vs Owens earlier in the night. But the AJ vs Roman needs to be a solid move for move match. Then towards the end of the match AJ sets up for the Styles Clash but Roman counters and hits the Superman Punch. Pumped and ready to claim the win, Roman backs into the corner to set up the spear when, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows roll into the ring and surround Reigns in the corner. Roman stands tall and stares back at both men. As AJ gets back to his feet slowly after the superman punch. Doc and Anderson smile at each other then wave bye to Roman. Gallows splashes Styles into the corner opposite Reigns then Anderson hits his huge clothesline. Both Men pick up AJ and hit the Magic Killer leaving him sprawled in the middle of the ring. To end the show. AJ Styles wins via DQ meaning Reigns retains the title.

That’s part 1 of how I’d book the 2 former Bullet Club members leading into Payback. What do you guys think? Agree? Have an alternate idea? Let us know in the comments section. Also head over to Facebook and check out Wrestling Rising for all the latest and greatest Wrestling content. You can follow me on Twitter at @benji_siddall.

Thank for reading and ill see you next time!


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