Booking the Bullet Club (part 2)



So we left the action with Doc and Anderson attacking AJ after it seemed as if they were here to screw Roman and help AJ –their former Bullet Club Leader. We re-join the action the next night no Raw. From this point on Roman Reigns is going to go off and defend the title against someone else (*cough* Dean Ambrose*cough*). AJ and the Bullet Club don’t need the title to make the feud amazing so it’s a waste to have it here.

So it’s the Raw after Payback. Opening the show is AJ Styles limping to the ring. He climbs in, grabs a mic and speaks slowly. You can tell this guy got hurt last night. He says, “Last night I got jumped by Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson. Two people I thought where my friend. I understand that we had some history, maybe even some bad blood. But I didn’t think it was personal enough to stop me winning the WWE Championship.” From the back of the crowd the usual two bald heads are seen coming through the audience. Anderson and Gallows climb into the ring and stare back at an injured and weak AJ Styles.  Doc grabs a mic and looks as if he’s about to say something then drops the mic and flattens AJ with a huge clothesline. Smiling and leaving Styles laid out in the ring, Doc and Karl leave the ring and head back through the crowd. The camera lingers on AJ for a while until a team of referee’s and EMTs help him to the back.

The next week on RAW while the Commentators are running down the show opening. Michael Cole says how AJ isn’t here this week as the beatings from Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson have left him unable to appear. And that’s all we hear this week. Gallows and Anderson don’t appear at all.

That brings us to the 3rd RAW of the month. We open the show with Anderson and Gallows already in the ring. Doc has a mic; he lifts it up and says. “AJ Styles was huge around the world for two reasons. The first is Doc Gallows and the second is Karl Anderson. They were the reason he hit the heights in Japan. They were the reason he was a global star. And after all they did for him; AJ Styles came to WWE on his own. Left us to behind and came here to fanfare and celebration. So we took it upon ourselves to change that. And now he’s sat at home watching Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson open Monday night Raw!”
As he finishes AJ’s music hits and the ttitontron comes alive. AJ is on screen sat at “his home” and looks beaten and hurt. He says “That’s not quite how I remember it Gallows. You and Karl were like family to me. But I got to where I did through hard work and sacrifices. Yes I came to WWE alone but I don’t remember you two getting an invite. But if you got a point to prove then I say that we settle this at Extreme Rules! I’ll find a partner and you two get ready for the match of your life time.”

The Pre Extreme Rules RAW has no altercation between the three. In fact Gallows and Anderson don’t even show up that night. Every few segments we see AJ Styles in the back talking to a different superstar. But we can’t hear what’s being said. He speaks to, Sami Zayn then Dolph Ziggler and finally Apollo Crews. But the fourth time the superstar is off screen, we see AJ talk for a minute, the smile and shake someone’s hand. That’s all.

We get to the match at Extreme Rules. I’d put the match on half way through the show, leaving the main event for the WWE championship match.  Gallows and Anderson make their way out first an pace the ring. AJ’s music hits and he comes half way down the ramp. His music cuts and the whole arena is plunged into darkness. Then breaking the silence, Music hits and out walks Demon Fin Balor!!! Michael Cole is doing his usual mental high pitched voice, saying how he was the first partner to Gallows and Anderson back in Japan and what a huge blow this is to the two in the ring!

So that’s part 2. I’ll pick it up from the match in the final part . What do you think so far? Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to head over to twitter and drop me a follow on @benji_siddall. And drop us a like on Facebook over at Wrestling Rising.

I’ve been Ben from Antisocial Badger. I’ll See you next time!


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