The lost art of tag team wrestling


Over the past 5 years the tag team division in WWE has been nothing short of dyer. A division that once boasted team such as The Dudley Boyz, The Hardy Boyz, The Road Warriors and Edge and Christian has become diluted and weakened by the lack of coherent teams and less that positive creative booking.

There was a time when a tag team was the combination of two guys that worked together seamlessly, that gelled as a unit in every aspect. Ring work, mic work, attire and the entrance were all aspects that came together making the final act. A solid blend with each element complementing the next beautifully. But over the last few years teams have been thrown together randomly, leaving us (the viewers) less interested in the product than the time Mr McMahon won the ECW championship. Teams such as AirBoom, MIzShow, Jerrishow, the Corre, Cena and Otunga, Santino and Kozlov. The list can go on and on. As fans off WWE we have become used to creative dropping the ball but to take a division that was at the forefront of the business and turn it to absolute garbage was an insult.

This is one of the reasons NXT has found a growing audience. For the first time in a long while the WWE viewer has the pleasure of watching tag teams be tag teams and not two random single’s stars be thrown together. Teams like Enzo and Cass, Blake and Murphy, The Shield, The Lucha Dragons and The Ascension gave the viewers a wide variety of teams that each offered something new and different to an already great division. And paved the way for the newer teams on the show such as The Revival and American Alpha. The tag matches in NXT have been some of the highlights in the brand’s short yet successful tenure. And aside from The Ascension, who are an absolute joke, the teams making the jump to Raw and Smackdown have looked impressive and in their element.

I have to admit though despite my disappointment in the WWE tag division, I am still hopeful for it. The Dudley’s returning late last year gave us a huge boost. And good solid tag teams do exist on the main roster, Yes the Usos are boring but The Prime Time Players are pure money (just the victims of bad writing) and The New Day practically write their own pay cheques. Add in The Vaudevillians, Lucha Dragon’s and Enzo and Cass and we have a tag team division that is full of promise and potential. The current tag tournament is the perfect way to showcase this and is working well. Let’s just hope that when it’s over we get something from creative to give these teams the screen time and solid stories they are all capable of and deserve.

What do you think of the WWE Tag division? More disappointment? Excite d at the potential? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to head over to twitter and drop me a follow on @benji_siddall. And drop us a like on Facebook over at Wrestling Rising.

I’m Ben from Wrestling Rising and ill see you next time


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