There’s a lot of debate these days regarding the different promotions and what makes each one unique. WWE offers the entertainment of a wrestling show where as companies like Ring Of Honour, PROGRESS wrestling and EVOLVE offer a show that focuses on the in ring action as opposed to a show based around flamboyant characters, or bat crap crazy storylines. But without a doubt my current favourite hour of wrestling every week is Lucha Underground.

The Mortal Kombat- esque circus of highflying Lucha’s, huge powerhouses and sexy badass women. The whole show is well executed and is the perfect blend of in ring action, character based storytelling and crisp and precise presentation. Lucha Underground has brought a lot of ne fans to the sport of professional wrestling thanks to its near perfect show each week. This is because of a number of reasons.

  1. Characters are awesome

I used to think that Lucha wrestling was a load of guys in masks doing the same thing. And man was I wrong. Never before have I seen a company that employs; a dragon, an evil supernatural powerhouse, a machine, a monster and moth. And make it work so very very well. Every character has their own story arch which mesh perfectly with the star’s ability and persona. Also Chavo Guererro  is in there somewhere.


  1. The setting

This ties in nicely with point 1, but the setting of the mystical temple is amazing for this show. It gives the show its seedy underground fight club feel. Ran by the oh so greasy Dario Cueto. This is the perfect example of having a set that makes your product look unique and still add to the show.


  1. The Story Lines

This is a bit of an odd one. I love the story lines in Lucha Underground.  They’re completely insane in places and range from 2 undercover cops trying to find evidence on Dario, all the way to a supernatural powerhouse wanting complete control of the temple. Usually in wrestling wacky and weird storylines take away from the product but in Lucha Underground they seem to be the reason we all watch.


  1. The in ring action

The in ring action Is the main reason we all love this little company in Boyle Heights. Not a single match has been a dud. In the first episode we saw a thriller in Jonny Mundo vs Prince Puma ad from there it has been match after match of pure wrestling brilliance. People such as Puma, Fenix and Pentagon are simply some of the best talent on the planet and they’re proving it every week. The company’s variants on classics help no end. Having a “Trios” championship as opposed to a Tag championship marks them out as separate from the other companies. And the Gift of the Gods concept is an idea that keeps on giving. Starting from the 7 matches to gain the medallions, all the way to the final cash in of the title.


  1. The Whole Format

The main reason Lucha Underground works so well is the format its delivered to us. Having a single hour to further the storylines is a great way to keep viewers coming back. The time constraints mean we don’t seen every star each week, giving the talent time to steadily progress stories and rivalries leading up to Ultima Lucha. A single PPV-esque show at the end of the season that is made to feel like an event rather than just another random PPV.  Also having a break between seasons gives everyone a chance to get excited for the next season. Its not something I think WWE could utilise but it works perfectly for Lucha Underground.

These are the 5 things i think make Lucha Underground the best single hour of wrestling on TV at the minute. What do you guys think? Leave us a comment below and don’t forget to leave us a like.

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