The Best Of AJ Styles (Part 1)


AJ Styles is the epitome of the word wrestler. He is simply amazing in the ring and has forged a reputation and a legacy around the world. Winning multiple championships in every company he has worked for, Styles has become known, and loved by even the most casual of wrestling fans.  His love of the sport and perfect in ring ability means he has had some of the best matches I have ever seen. Every AJ Styles match, no matter the opponent, promises to deliver. This was apparent at Payback, where he had a great match with WWE Champion Roman Reigns.  Reigns is just the latest name in a long line of world-wide stars that AJ has squared off against. So here is my pick of AJ’s best 5 matches of his career!

  1. AJ Styles vs Sting – Bound for Glory 2009

This was a great face vs face match up. Going into the match TNA built up a situation where both men had something to prove. Sting was out to prove he still had what it took to compete at World Championship level, whereas AJ was out to prove he was the guy in TNA. The match itself felt as big as its get in TNA. Both men played the face vs face roles really well and early on each man had counters for the other. The early part of the match where AJ and Stinger where trying to outdo each other was a great way to start the match and show how close these two icons where. AJ’s lead onto the guard rail had me awestruck as it looked stiff as hell. It was a great match however finds itself lower on my list as the finish was weak. A springboard splash is hardly what AJ Styles is known for yet that’s the move that put Sting down.


  1. AJ Styles vs Tetsuya Naito – Wrestle Kingdom 9

The first of three matches on the list from AJ’s stint in NJPW. This was an absolute peach of a match. In the opening minute we get a tease of the Styles clash twice, telling us what was to follow would be jaw dropping.  It had one hell of a physical start with AJ jumping the bell and getting his attack in early. This coupled with the outside dropkick from Naito was a great way to open the match. After this the match was a masterpiece of counter wrestling and high impact moves. We got a third Clash tease that Naito expertly reversed, dumping Styles over the top rope. Then, after an absolutely breath taking bout, AJ finally managed to hit the Styles Clash from the top rope!! An excellent way to finish a great match. After losing the IGPW Heavyweight Championship to Hiroshi Tanahashi, Styles was eager to get back into the title picture and this match was the way to do it. Not only did he win the match, but it was on NJPW’s biggest stage and was one hell of a match.

That’s the first two spots in our top 5 claimed. What do you think so far? Agree? Leave us a comment with what matches you think are still to come. Be sure to give us a follow so you don’t miss the top 3.


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I’ve been Ben yet Again, and ill see you next time/


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