The Best of AJ Styles (part 3)



The one we’ve been counting down to all week is finally here. In his own words , “having the match of his life is what he  does” and AJ wasn’t lying . The man has made a career of putting on the best wrestling matches in the world. Every promotion he work for is guaranteed a great show whenever this guys music hits. One of a few men to have worked for nearly every major promotion, lacing up his boots for WCW,TNA,NJPW,ROH and most recently WWE. But what is his best match he has ever put on? We’ve covered number 5 down to 2 in the last 2 posts and today we reveal our pick for AJ Styles Best  Match. So without further hesitation, lets jump straight in.


  1. AJ Styles vs Kota Ibushi

Quite simply this is the best Styles match of all time. Kota Ibushi had won the New Japan cup and announced to the world that he was going to challenge AJ for his NJPW Heavyweight Championship at Invasion Attack 2015. AJ again played the heel yet this time he wasn’t the underdog. Ibushi had everything to gain and nothing to lose, whereas AJ Styles was the opposite with a lot to lose. The match itself, unsurprisingly, was amazing. The spots were effortless and jaw dropping. The spot where both guys to back and forth with their own strike combo’s made gave the match a physical, “strong style” edge and just added an extra layer to the bout.  Kota springboarding into the frankensteiner and his signature top rope Moonsalt where two of the most flawless spots I’ve ever seen.

AJ’s heel persona throughout the match was perfection. Shouting at Ibushi and telling him “you’re not ready for me” made him stand out as the cocky veteran defending his title. Going into this match I was a bit wary as I love a Face AJ Styles, yet seeing him playing anything else in this match wouldn’t have worked. The rising star of Kota Ibushi needed a world class veteran to test himself against and Styles was the perfect opponent for him. AJ’s character throughout was payed to perfection, he was cocky and brash and fitted in perfectly with him leading the Bullet Club.

One of the main reasons that I love this match is for the finish. In my eyes this could be one of the best finishes to a match that I have ever seen. Omega jumping onto the apron just long enough to halt Ibushi, gave AJ just enough time to come to his senses and stand up. Not seeing AJ get up Kota goes for the famed Phoenix Splash just to get caught in place for the Styles Clash. It was a spot which could have gone horribly wrong if Styles didn’t catch Ibushi perfectly yet as always it was done and done incredibly well. AJ had been teasing the Clash all the way through but Kota had an answer every time, so when Styles hit the move from that position it was that bit more amazing.

I honestly cannot stress how much I love AJ Styles and this match showed me why. It was well paced, packed with high flying spectacles and hard hitting moves. AJ showed us why he can play any role asked of him and play it to a tee. Before this match I wasn’t too familiar with Ibushi but after it I am a massive fan of his work and him being shown on camera at NXT Dallas is very encouraging. If he does sigh for Vinnie Mac I hope to god we get to see AJ vs Ibushi in WWE.

So that’s our number 1. What do you guys think? Did I miss any matches you think should be on the list. Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think, but remember this list Is just my personal opinion. Remember to drop us a like and head over to Facebook at Wrestling’s Rising for all the latest at greatest wrestling content. And you can follow me on twitter @benji_siddall.

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I’ve been Ben and I’ll be back soon. Ciao


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