Saving TNA???


Everyone who watches wrestling is well aware of TNA’s current financial problems. Rumours of new investors or even a takeover continue to circle but nothing is certain, and with rumours of POP TV potentially dropping Impact wrestling beginning to appear online, it looks as if time may be up at TNA Wrestling. Despite what people think of TNA, it has been very good in the past. It is a company that can claim to have produced talent such as AJ Styles and Samoa Joe and at the same time have been known to put on some great matches. Unfortunately for TNA, there has been far too much bad for the good stuff to ever shine through. After years of poor company management, reportedly bad talent relations and jumping from network to network, is TNA saveable? Can anything be salvaged from the mess that is Impact Wrestling? I think yes. It will take a lot of work and time but I think It can be done. And here’s how

Just as a not before we start. I’m going to assume that TNA gets an investor so money isn’t an issue to and extend. Got it? Great.


  1. The Set

One of the main issues with TNA is the way it looks. Now a lot of people may disagree with me here so I’ll say this first, the 6 sided ring needs to go. It’s just too much. To make a legitimate wrestling show you need to make it look like a legitimate wrestling show and not a constant gimmick match. Moving back to a classic 4 sided ring gives the show a great traditional look that gives the show and the matches a better sense of wrestling. The other change I’d make to the set is the guard rail. I know it doesn’t seem much but the steel guard rail looks distinctly Indy. If you don’t want be known as an Indy promotion then you shouldn’t look like one.


  1. The X Division

This is something that TNA did really well early on. Essentially their answer to the cruiserweight division on WCW, it gave Impact a selling point that the WWE wasn’t –and still isn’t – doing. This made fans tune in each week to see the high flying, fast paced wrestling that we all love. It’s lost its way over the last couple of years. Rebuilding this division would give the weekly shows a unique selling point that we don’t get anywhere else. Having stars that only compete in the X-division builds the divisions credibility and before long the X-division title becomes a must have in pro wrestling. Especially for the guys who aren’t ready for the world title picture but still have bags and bags of potential. Throw in a resurrected Ultimate X match here and there and you’ve got a complete jaw dropping division all free agents will want a piece of.


  1. Cut down the Promos / give us more action.

This is something that really bothers me in TNA and WWE for that matter. Impact is 2 hours long and most of the time is used for promo’s and interview segments. The because of this the matches are shorter and less interesting. Give the fans what they came to see. In ring action. Yes we do need some promo time to tie storylines together but the matches are what need to keep us watching. Too much talking each week and people will eventually switch off.


  1. The Roster

The roster is the most important factor in a wrestling show. For years TNA has been known as the place EX WWE guys go to get a pay-cheque, and not in a good way. When guys like Kevin Nash, Booker T and Scott Steiner where on the show they had already passed their best and where simply there to be a name. Just like when Hulk Hogan came on board. Thast isn’t to say that signing some former WWE Stars isn’t a good idea, they just need to be very careful as to who they sign. The signings of EC3 and Drew Galloway have been incredible. Although It has seemed over the last 10 years or so TNA’s policy on former WWE talent has been to simply sign everyone they release. People like Jeff and Matt, as much I loved them before, are simply passed their use by date. TNA needs to cultivate their own roster and make their own stars. They have done this before with AJ Styles and Samoa Joe so we all know it can be done. They have begun to do this again, signing the littler known Indy talent and it needs to continue.


  1. Remember who they are.

As I said at the beginning there was a time when TNA was doing well, so where did it go wrong? I think it was when they tried to take on WWE. Hogan signed and convinced the world he could take on WWE on Monday nights, and within 6months Impact had moved back to Thursday nights. I think that’s the sad thing about TNA, someone in the company genuinely believes that IMPACT is as good as RAW. Now, Raw is disastrous sometimes but never has it sunk to the levels of IMPACT.  By constantly telling the world that TNA is the best wrestling show on the planet, TNA was only setting itself up to fall. They expected instant success and that damage was something they never recovered from. When WCW went to war with WWE, Eric Bischoff stood on the stage and told the world “this is where the big boys play” and Nitro genuinely felt as if it was as big and as powerful as WWE.TNA doesn’t. Dixie hasn’t got the financial power of Ted Turner, and until they have an open cheque book –and let’s face it they won’t ever have-TNA won’t be able to compete with WWE. What TNA needs is to just be happy being who they are. If you commit to just putting out a good show every week, the fans and the ratings will slowly but surely build. Play to their strengths, such as the X-division and their top talent, and slowly the brand will build.


So that’s the 5 points I’d start with to resuscitate TNA Wrestling. What do you guys think? Is TNA dead? Can it be saved? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to read them all.


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Thanks for reading, I’m once again ben from Wrestling’s Rising and I’ll probably turn up again at some point. Later


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