Smackdown post brand split!!!



As we all know by now on July 19th Smackdown will go live. As well as this there will be a second brand split making Raw and Smackdown separate brands under the WWE banner. While this has filled the WWE universe with excitement and anticipation it has thrown up some red flags that need to be addressed by Vince and co. At the minute Smackdown is very much the second show to Raw. Some people don’t even watch it. If the brand split is going to work or evens stand a chance of working then changes need to be made from top to bottom. Here’s where I would start.

  1. Cut out the Raw replays

I know this one may come as a result of the split anyway but something in me doesn’t trust wwe to leave Raw alone. If they take time to show us what happened on Raw it takes away time from the Smackdown product we’ve tuned in to see. On top of that if Smackdown and Raw are going to be in a “brand warfare” situation that we saw before then why would Smackdown take time to  promote the competition. Use this time to give us more wrestling or progress a current Smackdown Storyline.

  1. Have a Unique Selling Point

Smackdown needs to have something that we can’t see on Raw.  If the Monday night show is going to be a show with long promo’s and interview segments then Smackdown needs to be a place to see great in ring action. Even go as far to have a certain style of wrestling that we only see on Thursday night that isn’t on Raw. And it just so happens that we have a Cruiserweight Classic tournament coming up. Back on the first brand split Smackdown featured the Cruiserweight championship giving it something that wasn’t available to Raw viewers. Bringing back cruiserweight wrestling on Smackdown could give it the edge that brings on more viewers.

  1. Draft some Top Talent

We are hearing that WWE higher ups are intent on having Smackdown equal to Raw after the split. While this does seem to point at Smackdown getting some talent on their roster. That being said, WWE need to avoid being scared of drafting the top top stars to the blue brand. If WWE are intent on making the two brands equal then Smackdown needs the drawing power of John Cena, AJ Styles, The Club or even Brock Lesnar. Lesner carried the show back in 2002/2003 and it would be a pick and a half to bring the beast back to where it started.

  1. Have a dedicated writing team

Two live shows with two dedicated rosters surely must mean separate writing teams.  Using one team to write two shows runs the risk of over working them and burning them out. Having two writing teams, means that there is less pressure on the staff to produce to quality story lines. The writing of a show is a major factor to whether we tune in to see it. So WWE need to make sure they have the best set up to give us the best storytelling. I’d even go as far as to hire new writers to give us a new edgier product.

  1. Rebrand!!

Apart from the obvious colour change, there is very little to differentiate from Monday nights and Thursday nights.  The have the same ttitontron, same stage even the same ringside area.  After the brand split, Smackdown needs to look, feel and be different. The infamous Smackdown fist was a great set. It gave us a peek into what the Smackdown show was about and something noticeably different like the Fist would be a great way to make the shows feel different from the start when the split happens.  Even the show graphics could do with a revamp. I know they are different to Raw already but if WWE are wanting the new live Smackdown to feel like something big then a new show intro and graphics would help to do that.


That’s how i would start the new era of Smackdown after the brand split. What do you guys think? Leave us a comment in the section below and be sure to head over to facebook and check out Wrestling’s Rising.

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