5 NXT Talents that need to stay There….for now!



5 NXT Guys that need to stay where they are

As we all know the brand split is right around the corner. This will see the WWE main roster split into two separate brands, and at the minute the current roster doesn’t seem to be big enough to be able to make the split work. While it is entirely possible that WWE l hire some former stars to bolster the roster, it seems that they also intend to raid NXT for some of their top talent. There is a near endless list of possible call ups ranging from Finn Balor to American Alpha and everyone in-between. Yet some guys must stay behind to make sure the brand continues into the future. So here are my picks for the 5 people to stay down in NXT – at least for now !

  1. Nia Jaxx

Nia Jaxx has all the tools needed to bring something new and exciting to the main roster. She is a huge juggernaut capable of destroying anyone she steps in the ring with. However she needs time. Leaving her down in NXT for the foreseeable future will give her the time she needs to round her character and persona into the mega force she could be. Her mic work especially needs to improve and Full Sail and NXT is a great place to make it better. Bringing her to the main roster now runs the risk of exposing her flaws and leaving her behind while the rest of the women’s division moves on. She will one day be a force on the main roster but for now she needs to be on NXT.


  1. Hideo Itami.

This one boils down to his lack of exposure due to his injury. Being out for over a year means that all the momentum and popularity he had built is potentially gone, leaving him back to square one. Hideo simply needs time to find his place on NXT before he jumps to the main roster. Similar to Nia he will be a star on the main roster –especially with the new push towards Cruiserweight styles. Yet for now he needs time on NXT.


  1. The Revival

The Revival are currently sitting on top of the NXT tag division.  The only two time NXT tag champions, they constantly continue to impress every time they are in the ring. This all seems to point to them moving up to the main roster. However, being the first 2 time Tag champions, they should stay in NXT. After cementing themselves as a force in NXT moving up would seem like a bit of an anti-climax. With teams like American Alpha seemingly guaranteed to come up, The Revival need to stay in NXT and be the new standard in the tag division, giving the newer and less experienced tag teams a target to aim at


  1. Andrade “Cien” Almas

Still relatively new to NXT, Almas has already gathered a bit of a following. HHH is on record as a big fan of his, and his ability in the ring could be second to none. Especially that devastating running double knee strike. However I think Almas may be the victim of other guys getting the push. His in ring style and look don’t strike me as something Vince and co won’t use to a high level. He seems to be very similar to the likes of Carlito and as good as He was Carlito was never going to get passed the mid-card. It’s probably better for Almas to remain on NXT, and find a way to make himself stand out.


1.Samoa Joe

Oh I can already feel the hate from you as I write this but hear me out. Samoa Joe is the man on NXT that deserves a shot at the main roster and with the likes of AJ Styles becoming a star on the main roster you would think that Joe could have just as much success. However with the likes of Balor, Aries and Nakamura possibly moving up there is going to be a huge void on the main event of NXT. NXT needs a top draw in its main event to ensure that the product continues to be the top draw event that it is. Joe being the current champion is that top draw. He has the pulling power and charisma to carry the brand and be the measuring stick for the new guys coming to the show. And for that, he needs to stay in NXT.


So that’s my list. Miss anyone off? Is there someone you think should stay that I haven’t mentioned.  Leave us a comment and we’ll be sure to check it out.
I’ve been Ben From Wrestling’s Rising. Ill see you next time

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