5 NXT Talents that need to stay There….for now!



5 NXT Guys that need to stay where they are

As we all know the brand split is right around the corner. This will see the WWE main roster split into two separate brands, and at the minute the current roster doesn’t seem to be big enough to be able to make the split work. While it is entirely possible that WWE l hire some former stars to bolster the roster, it seems that they also intend to raid NXT for some of their top talent. There is a near endless list of possible call ups ranging from Finn Balor to American Alpha and everyone in-between. Yet some guys must stay behind to make sure the brand continues into the future. So here are my picks for the 5 people to stay down in NXT – at least for now !

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Smackdown post brand split!!!



As we all know by now on July 19th Smackdown will go live. As well as this there will be a second brand split making Raw and Smackdown separate brands under the WWE banner. While this has filled the WWE universe with excitement and anticipation it has thrown up some red flags that need to be addressed by Vince and co. At the minute Smackdown is very much the second show to Raw. Some people don’t even watch it. If the brand split is going to work or evens stand a chance of working then changes need to be made from top to bottom. Here’s where I would start.

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